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Learning to Take a Step Back by Melissa Wong

“This sport is just wonderful in what it gives back to each person who puts their heart into it” This quote has never rung truer for me as it has this semester. Thank you to Aubrie de Sylva for sharing it on her Instagram! This semester has been an adjustment with online school and a […]

Training Camp in Girona, Spain by Kaitlyn Shikaze

Training Camp in Girona, Spain by Kaitlyn Shikaze May 31, 2020 Girona, Spain is a small town north of Barcelona. It’s like the Hollywood of cycling, one of the most popular training grounds for professional cyclists (and wannabe amateurs like me 🙂 ). I was fortunate to travel there this past February with Team Ontario […]

Progress Not Perfection by Erica Leonard

Would you look at that, it’s already Fall. To me spring and summer went by like days of the week and now we’re here in the midst of school, cyclocross, or for some like me, the off season. After an incredibly busy summer of working, racing, and visiting friends and family, I found myself mid-August, […]

Biking in the Netherlands by Ali van Yzendoorn

This summer I had the opportunity to live in the Netherlands. Being half Dutch, I’ve always been curious about life in Holland and what it really means to be Dutch. I was lucky enough to live with some amazing family members and immersed myself in real Dutch lifestyle. This included: drinking lots of strong coffee, […]